About us

“C’est Bon Bakery” is the answer to the raising demand for the French style bakery quality products in Southeast Asian market. Established early 2015 in Hanoi by Matthieu Lagarrigue in cooperation with the widely known “Citysmart Group”, it became one of the major wholesale suppliers  focusing on the luxury hospitality and gastronomy sector, providing the wide variety of Bakery products and semi finish products to 5 star hotels, resorts and restaurants.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Matthieu combines the expertise know-how with the drive for perfection, so characteristic for the tradition of French Pastry and Bakery Art. Choosing Hanoi as the center is determined by the city rapid development, creating the big market for highest class products. By contributing to the city and region development, Matthieu ties its presence and devotion, offering the standard of the French taste.